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Open cell made to measure 3mm black

Open cell made to measure 3mm black

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After ordering you will have to fill in your body measurements in our ordering form. We have a video on youtube of how to do that properly. Aside from the table we will need a picture of you to see your body type and shape.


  • knee inserts in Supratex – 10Eur
  • elbow inserts in Supratex – 5Eur
  • Pissette – 20Eur

Discount for instructors

  • Purchasing for themselves – 20%
  • Purchasing for their students – 15% * please note this entails for the instructor responsibility in making sure the measurements are taken correctly based on our video

 Discount for no changes

An additional discount of 10% will be applied on all future purchases for the same buyer if no new measurement is needed. The validy is LIFETIME but please note there will be a surcharge of 5Eur for each 1 kg in of your weight increase 

 Also note

  • Pants and jacket, if ordered separately, are priced respectively 60% and 50% of the full suit price
  • Ladies and men’s models are priced the same
  • Mixing colours is possible, just ask, we will accommodate your requests
  • If you own suitable transfer stickers we can add them to the suit at no cost. If you need to develop them we can help you
In design

salopette, standard (up to waist level)


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