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Small freediving board

Small freediving board


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Top side
-The small board has 4 handles on the sides for the resting and assisting/safety divers (plus one handle in the middle for easy carrying).
-4 D-rings with bungee in the front for equipment fixing (you can easily store the fins for example).

On the bottom of the of board there are 2 D-rings in the back (for the heavier counter ballast) and 1 at the front. That’s where you can attach the carabiners and the pulleys with rope and even a counter ballast system

Recommended items for the counter ballast system:
2 freediving pulleys (#852580), 50meters rope Aqua 10mm (#852574 ). In case you want to upgrade to a sinking line its also possible. Check

Included in the package:
One detachable center fin + One air pump + One retractable paddle + One backpack + One repair kit

Dimensions 280x75x12cm

Maximum load: 140kg, Dimension of back pack: 75x35x25cm

Video of our boards in use:


The first experiments:


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